Dental Implants: The 4-Step Procedure

What exactly does happen when dentists perform dental implants?  To avoid making guesses that are far from reality, here’s an overview condensed into four steps for you. Your dentist will first ensure that you are relaxed and well during the entire treatment.  To achieve this, he’ll sedate you lightly and administer anesthetic for the purpose…

Save Your Teeth Visit Your Dentist

Pearly white teeth can give you confidence to interact with people. However, it is a common problem by many to have poor dental hygiene. And this doesn’t mean that you are not flossing or brushing your teeth regularly. Not visiting your dentist can also be detrimental to your overall dental health. Most of the time, dentists have no other choice but to perform a dental extraction of your teeth because it can no longer be saved. There is also a chance that you will be spending more than you should.

What exactly can a dentist do to help save your teeth?